Alma Research

Third-Party Monitoring

Alma provides third-party monitoring on behalf of clients who require an independent perspective on project/program performance in Somalia. Third-party monitoring provides timely and results-oriented information about project implementation and ensures that the projects meet objectives. Alma leverages our vast experience from networks of international experts and experienced field researchers who have managed and coordinated large-scale data collection, third-party monitoring assignments in migration, economic growth, governance, education, health, and other sectors across Somalia/Somaliland and the Horn of Africa. This has included working with various development partners and reputable firms.
We develop strong relationships with local civil society organisations, influential individuals, business, government, aid and development and security professionals, key figures in religious movements, community and business leaders, as well as multiple local service firms across the countries where we operate.
We utilise online sources, using linguistically and culturally appropriate analysts, to contextualise and supplement our field research and data analysis.
  • Qualitative analysis of individual and group behaviours.
  • Statistical analysis to reveal patterns in perception and socio-economic survey data.
  • Social network analysis combining quantitative and qualitative methods.
  • Geo-spatial and remote sensing data analysis.
  • Bulk data analysis and exploitation.
To date, we have conducted 1000+ site visits, spot checks, routine checks, and due diligence monitoring across East Africa.