Alma Research


Alma’s approach emphasizes the need for dialogue with all stakeholders in the design and delivery of its capacity building programs, in the production of its training materials, and in its appraisals or reviews of project interventions. Its consultants have a particularly strong record in producing the kinds of design, training materials and delivering training that help to sustain development activities in the context in which they have been derived – and that can be replicated to suit different needs.
Our team provides detailed organisational functionality and capability assessments, including analysis of current and future technology requirements, whilst highlighting the training and change management implications of adopting these.
Our experts merge best practice with pragmatism and cultural awareness to design and implement effective and sustainable organisational change.
Organisational change and operational success requires leaders who think and act effectively. We provide training and mentoring for decision-makers at every level of an organisation.
We specialise in delivering integrated cross-platform training and mentoring, enhancing traditional skill sets with sustainable processes, systems, tools and technologies.