Alma Research

Climate and Natural resources

Since its establishment, Alma has embarked on bold and outspoken strategic advocacy initiatives on climate change and topics affecting the environment today and therefore environmental protection, natural resources and climatic discussions are central to Alma’s agenda. Environmental impact analysis continues to be an area of expertise Alma routinely builds on and in this spirit, publishes research on this thematic area at least twice a year. We design, implement and evaluate sensitive and sustainable policies.
We help our clients map out strategic and implementation options and decide on the most appropriate ones based on systemic cost-benefit and risk-reward ratio analysis. We conduct multi-layered context analysis to identify pathways for impact and support programme adaptation when the operating environment, working hypotheses and policy objectives begin to change.
We help our clients to select, understand and work with critical stakeholders. Using social network and political economy analysis systematically we identify strategic stakeholders’ groups who can act as catalysts of change – whether to support institutional, social or conflict transformations initiatives.