Alma Research


Alma Research is a Somalia-based regional private research and consulting firm. Alma is a leading supplier of field research, monitoring, verification and evaluation services across Somalia and in the Somali populated areas of Eastern Africa, with main offices in Mogadishu in South Central, and registered offices in Hargeisa in Somaliland, Nairobi in Kenya, Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and Djibouti. Alma has significant presence in all the regions with extensive networks throughout, having carried out a wide range of research implementation exercises.

Alma leverages its vast experience of managing and coordinating large-scale data collection, third party monitoring assignments, research activities in sectors such as migration, health and other sectors across Somalia and Somaliland. This has included working with various development partners and reputable firms ranging from international NGOs to government agencies, including bilateral and multilateral development agencies, think tanks, private companies and universities.